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M. Plonsky



If you have come to this page, you are curious about the equipment I use. I started out in 2001 with the point & shoot Canon Powershot series and attached various accessories to gain magnification. I wrote an article about how I used these cameras to do macro photography. In 2004, I moved to the digital Single Lens Reflex (dSLR) style camera. I wrote an article about the advantages and disadvantages of each approach for macro photography.

  • 2001 & 2002 - Canon Powershot G1 (3 megapixel)
  • 2003 - Canon Powershot G3 (4 megapixels)
  • 2004 - Canon 300D (6 megapixels)
  • 2005-7 - Canon 20D (8 megapixels)
  • 2008 - Canon 40D (10 megapixels).

With the dSLR's, I use the following lenses:

  • Canon 18-55mm, 28-135mm IS, 70-300 IS DO zooms
  • Canon 28/1.8, 50/1.4, 85/1.8, & 135/2 primes
  • Canon 100/2.8 & MP-E 65mm macros
  • Sigma 50/2.8 & 180/3.5 macros

I also may use some of the following accessories:

  • Kenko extension tubes
  • Canon 250D & 500D diopters
  • Kenko Pro 1.4 & 3x TCs, Tamron 2x TC
  • Canon 420ex & MT-24ex flashes, Sigma 500 DG flash
  • Novaflex apparatus for reversing lenses on the camera
  • Various flash brackets, diffusers, & softboxes
  • Manfrotto tripod, monopod & focusing rail
  • Various eyepieces (angled, magnifying, etc)

Most of this equipment was purchased from B&H Photo

Since I use a lot of different macro equipment, I don't always remember what I used for a particular shot. The EXIF data is helpful, but doesn't always figure in teleconverters or extension tubes, reversing of lenses, etc., so I can't always be sure. It is for this reason that I do not post EXIF data along with images posted on the web. Also, I sometimes use the image compositing or focus stacking technique to increase the depth of field (or amount of the image that is in focus).

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