K9 Behavior Consultant
Mark Plonsky, Ph.D.
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Services Offered

I provide 4 types of services as follows. Click on them or scroll below for a more detailed description.

  1. Problem Evaluation
  2. One-on-One Training
  3. Expert Witness
  4. Talks/Presentations/Seminars

I also teach group classes at CampBandy's in Amherst. They typically run 8 weeks and there are about 6 sessions per year. Click on CampBandy for more info.

I also help clients with getting a new dog (puppy and/or rescue settled in), with introducing dogs to other dogs, etc.

1. Problem Evaluation
    This is the most common type of consult I provide. The consult involves gathering information about the dog, its environment and routine, the problem, and the situation in which the problem occurs. This involves a detailed interview that takes about 2-3 hours. It is best done in the client's home with all members of the family present. I will typically ask various members of the family to interact with the dog and will do so myself. I may bring a dog to assess the behavior of your dog toward it if that is relevant to the problem issue.

    The approach taken is twofold. First, we need to manage the problem to get it under control immediately. This may require alteration of the procedures used for handling the dog and equipment such as leashes, collars, and/or crates, etc. Second, we need to train the dog to eliminate the problem so it will no longer need to be managed. This can take weeks, months, or even years (depending on the nature of the problem & age of the dog, etc). In addition, sometimes a problem cannot be eliminated, but can be markedly reduced.

    During the latter part of the consult I will verbally give advice on management and training. This will be followed by a written report sent via email or snail mail (if you prefer) within 7 days.

    Rates are $60/hour with an additional $40/hour for travel time if you are located outside of the Stevens Point/Plover area. Payment in cash, check, or PayPal (if G&S are used, add 3% for fees) is expected at the time services are rendered.

2. One-on-One Training
    My goal here is to teach you how to train your dog. We meet for an hour or two weekly, biweekly or even monthly. I work with owners and their dogs on:
    • basic manners
    • problem issues
    • competitive obedience
    • competitive agility
    • Schutzhund/personal protection
    • service dog skills to help a person with a disability
    Rates are $60/hour with reduced rates possible for sessions paid in advance (e.g., $250 for 5 hours). If travel outside of the Stevens Point/Plover area is required, add $40/hour for travel time. Payment in cash, check, or Paypal is expected at the time services are rendered.
3. Expert Witness
    I provide consultation to legal professionals. Note that any advice/testimony I provide will be based on the facts I am provided with and not on an agenda that might be in someone's best interest. Rates are negotiable.
4. Talks/Presentations/Seminars
    Rates are negotiable.
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